Choosing the right eCommerce platform for your online business is very crucial if you will go with any platform which is not suitable according to your business needs it will cost you money, it will cost you time and many times it will cost more than that. People are afraid to start an online business again if they are failed previously.

Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform that helps business people to build their online stores and sell their products online with ease. Also, this is one of the most secure eCommerce platforms available globally which lets you create customized pages and features for your store with their built-in components and additional apps available in their app store.

Here are a few following points which rightly explain why Shopify is the best platform to create an eCommerce store.

Security/Impossible to hack Shopify store data

Security is one of the big factors to look at, especially if you are running an online eCommerce store that’s why Shopify is always a number one priority for all eCommerce store creators as it provides you with all the security components such as SSL Security, PCI facilitation, backups.

Easy to use

Well if you see the interface of Shopify it is simple, clean, and easily understandable even if you are a beginner or a non-technical person you would be able to comprehend its interface within a few hours of time. Shopify dashboard is designed in such a way that it lets you manage all your data without any hassle.

14-Days Free Trial

Yes, you heard it right, Shopify offers 14 days of free trial so that you can test and understand all its features and setup your store for free, After creating your account on Shopify you can easily start setting up your online store and test all its components while playing around with its features like products, marketing, discounts, Apps, online store, etc will make you learn to control dashboard and this way you will automatically realize that how easy it is to use Shopify store.

Awesome Customer support

We are in connection with some of the Shopify users, As per their reviews, we came to know that Shopify offers the best customer services. They have always extended their help and support no matter how big or small the problem is.

Even I have contacted many time with Shopify support and they never disappoint. The best thing about their support is you can contact them on live chats, calls, and mails as well. 

Web Hosting

If you have just started up your new online store then web hosting can be a real task to take care of, hosting an eCommerce platform does require some technical knowledge and skills but with Shopify, you really don’t need to fret about servers and databases. You just need to log in to your store and start working on your product and services.

Themes accessibility 

Shopify offers great accessibility for themes as you can choose any theme which is best suited for your store. Some themes are free and many of them are paid so choose wisely or ask our expert to help you with this.

Shopify help center

Shopify has created a help center for all its users which makes it easy for everyone to learn how to use Shopify. In the learning center, Shopify has covered the 24 most important topics which even makes a non-technical person understand all its components and features with ease. And even after this if you have any doubts, their customer service is available 24/7 to help you with your queries. 

Besides this, they have a youtube channel where they have explained everything regarding Shopify in videos step by step and their experts also help you with what to do and what not when you are starting with a new Shopify store.

SEO & Marketing Tools

Marketing is one of the most important factors to scale your business among people if you are not using good marketing techniques to grow your business online eventually you will see a need of doing the same and This is what exactly Shopify does for you when you are creating your product pages, It allows you to to edit the title of the page according to the product you have shown there.

You can also add meta tags, meta descriptions and make your pages visible and invisible according to your need. 

You can also integrate your Facebook page, Instagram page, and all popular social media platforms to your website so that you can improve your sales at a higher pace.


Shopify offers many more features, everything cant be included in this article but I have included which are vital for any online store. It is always not easy to decide which platform would be most suitable for your online store, with this article I have tried to make it easy for you to decide why Shopify is best for online stores among all the eCommerce platforms so it will help you to make the decision. 

We at Artzen technologies have helped many store owners to start their first online business, If you also want to go with Shopify and have any doubt in mind you can reach to us and our experienced team will be happy to help you with all your quires.

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