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Orvi is running two business models on one website. They have divided the web store into 2 parts one is Orvi Surfaces and the other is Orvi Home. Orvi Surface is their offline business model whereas Orvi home is an online business the business has a separate set of products as Orvi Surface deals in designer natural stones and On the other side Orvi home deals in handcrafted Eco- Sustainable home decoration products.

This is one of the great designs which have the simplicity and elegance of showing home-based products from designing point of view. From design to development, everything is being done by our team and we can proudly say that we have achieved what our client has asked for. The client is fully satisfied and has appreciated us every time in the meetings.


Orvi Design Studio


March, 2022




Web Development, UI/UX Design, 3rd Party App Integrations, Speed Optimization, API Integrations, Maintenance.

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